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Simeon Jax Space Pilot

Simeon Jax - Space Pilot

Chapter 8

The Volcano of Doom


This space film is based on the  Flash Gordon serial of 1938.  Our version is black and white and has intertitles and a music score created by the pupils and Oliver Payne and Blake Harrison.

ERM CIC are pleased to be working with Pathways College for young people with special education needs and Cavell Court residential care home on creating a science fiction film based on screenings of 1938's Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars!

Between September 2017 and June 2018 we worked at the school developing story, characters, settings, models based on what the young people had seen in Larry (Buster) Crabbe's classic space adventure.

We filmed for one hour a week, using green-screen technology (!) and an enthusiastic cast.

We built a volcano and hung a cage over it - the volcano was powered by vinegar and baking powder!

We had a packed out screening at The Garage in Norwich where a rapt audience cheered and booed the hero and villain! Max, who plays a robot guard (from Cavell Court residential care home) said "it has made me feel part of the community again".  this is why ERM do what we do!

Visit our www.vimeo.com/ermcic 

for the Simeon Jax film and music video made by the young people!

Coverage in the EDP here: https://bit.ly/2Ivo9J7

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