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Heritage visits

The National Lottery Heritage Fund is supporting the ERM CIC project Crime and Punishment which works with Watton Junior School and Pathways College looking at the changing laws relating to Crime and associated Punishments over the centuries.

Here, Year 5 from Wayland Academy (Watton Junior) students spent a morning at the Norfolk Archive Centre / Norfolk Record Office at Norfolk County Hall, an incredible source of Heritage documents. Here they learnt about the art of Archiving, saw 'behind the scenes' in the strongroom and encountered quills, parchment and hand made papers. Visit Norfolk Record Office site.

They also visited Norfolk Heritage Centre at the Millennium Library in Norwich. Here they saw and wrote about news reports and broadsides about notorious murderers and criminals of Norwich's past. A backstage tour added to the excitement! Visit Norfolk Heritage Centre site.

They pupils were engaged with the idea of Heritage and archiving, especially with the tools - quills, pumice stone - and intrigued by the detective work of solving mysteries through documents. "This is amazing! To think this is someone's signature from 150 years ago!" was one quote of many.

Many thanks to NRO and NHC abd their amazing staff.

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This project is supported by National Lottery players and the National Lottery Heritage Fund. National Lottery heritage Fund site.

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