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ERM CIC organised 7 dragons to represent heritage sites in Norwich during the GoGoDragons public art sculpture trail in Norwich in 2015. These 7 dragons were part of a massive trail of dragons that festooned the streets of the medieval city. ERM worked on 2 dragons with the UEA Pakistan Society, the South Asian Decorative Arts Collective on the dragon designed with colourful motifs. Whilst on the mosaic dragon we worked with Alt Ed, an alternative education group.

ERM engaged local artists to work with different groups on the remaining 5 dragons.

Over 20 days we toured 5 baby dragons and worked with children and young people in a variety of areas of Norwich during the City Council's PlayDays outdoor activities for young people. We held an exhibition at The Forum in Norwich showing the film, signatures of all the 600 artists (!) and the 5 babies.

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